Good iOS apps

Mnemonic Yearbook:Name Reminders

I feel like I might have just created a great way to help all people suffering from a T.B.I, amnesia or just bad memory a wonderful way to memorize names with my name memory app, almost like a year book. Just get there picture then upload it and write there name under it and save it and never have to ask them the question of "whats your name again?" This app uses wonderful Visual memory almost like a pocket sized yearbook!

White Noise Lullaby songs

Calm Zenful meditation music

If you're just looking for a wonderful FREE simple no sign up meditation noise app then you've found the perfect iOS app! download it and give it a try and meditate to the three wonderful sound groups, Focus, Relax and sleep. You could even use it to get great work done or just relax by the pool or even sleep.


 Simple Resume Templates Vitae


meme lord

1.99 in app purchase for 6 bonus colors

Environmentalist grocery List

c'mon guys, be envioment friendly and download this amazing grocery lsit maker and hey, never again have to forget your grocery list because it's on your phone and you didn't kill a tree to get paper to make it!

HairShop - hair growth

I bet you do not want to ever be bald, but if your hair is starting to receed then just simly download this FREE app to take a selfie or image and then add hair onto it! either the Bieber hair or a cool mullet, and if you're trying to look amish then you could add an amish beard also! Plus the ability to shre it will everyone. 

 -1.99 in app purchase for own image content